Villa de ‘Fiori is a relaxing oasis surrounded by greenery. In the front side there is a beautiful garden, shaded by tall trees.The old fountain surrounded by stone benches, recalls the glories of the past.A story handed down, said that in the first of the ‘900 Family Pacchiani harbored in the garden a monkey, exotic animal very much in vogue among the wealthy families at that time. This monkey was used to mime the attendants and it liked to use the fountain as a wash to clean his precious objects “stolen” around the Villa.

A veranda newly built overlooking the garden, is adequately prepared for our guests, as they can relax reading or drinking wine, to the sweet light of the sunset.

Outside - Agriturismo Villa de' Fiori

Outside –  Villa de’ Fiori

To delimit the garden there is a gate, the original main entrance to the Villa, where there is a particular bell, which seems to have been identified as the oldest of Pistoia. (photo bell)Past the gate you come to the playground, decorated for our younger guests, and the swimming pool, the point of greatest interest in the summer for both Agriturismo’s guests and the ceremonies’ guests.Our pool is equipped with sun beds and umbrellas and there is also a bar where you can enjoy a cool refreshment on hot summer days. Some sofas placed in some strategic points provide relaxing moments.A shaded gazebos with tables and chairs, is arranged on the lawn adjacent to offer the opportunity for guests to spend entire days in the pool, choosing our bar service of light lunches.During the summer the pool become a meeting place both internal Villa’s guests and costumers from Pistoia, thanks to the Aperigiò, a delicious appetizer buffet with music that takes place every Thursday evening, with bath under the stars.

Old Bell - Agriturismo Villa de' Fiori

Old Bell – Agriturismo Villa de’ Fiori

Foto aerea giardini

Foto aerea giardini –  Villa de’ Fiori

Piscina open air

Piscina open air –  Villa de’ Fiori

Piscina di notte

Piscina di notte –  Villa de’ Fiori

parco giochi

Parco giochi –  Villa de’ Fiori

Ingresso antico

Ingresso antico –  Villa de’ Fiori

Fontana esterna

Fontana esterna –  Villa de’ Fiori


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For any info tel. (+39) 0431 80666