The Villa dates back to the middle of 1600 and the first historical memory of the property belonged to the family Pacchiani, originally from Livorno, who lived there until the early ‘900. At that time, there were many plots on which vines were planted almost anywhere. This wine, until a few decades ago, it was also known with the name of zone of Chianti Putto. The extension of the property was much larger than the present,  insomuch as the research carried out shows that come to the borders of the walls of Pistoia.

Outside - Agriturismo Villa de' Fiori

Outside –  Villa de’ Fiori

With the help of a fragmented knowledge and handed down we can say that the main access to the property was to the boulevard with hedges side, at No. 39 by Bigiano street. In fact, the distance between the hedges left just enough room to haul a carriage with horses, which, in case of rain, could accompany the Lords up in the building, where today we find the main living room of the Villa. Hall - Agriturismo Villa de' Fiori

Hall –  Villa de’ Fiori

During World War II, this living room had turned into a kind of infirmary, where the wounded soldiers were accomodated. Other areas, such as the barn and the cellar, had been destined to the evacuated from the city center, to give them care and assistance. The living room at the first floor, instead, became the temporary headquarters of the “Bank of Pistoia”. Hall - Agriturismo Villa de' Fiori

Hall –  Villa de’ Fiori

In the early years of management Bottai, the kitchen and farmland outbuildings were used as stables for cows and calves grazing inside the fence now become parking. Mr Bottai had a great spirit for business and in fact during the period of the “Italian economic boom” got recognition of best Italian dealer for sales of the Dutch company Berkel, prestigious brand manufacturer of scales and slicing machines, of which we still have two examples fully functional within the Villa. And that of the food trade was the road that followed and which led the family to manage various activities in the island of Grado, in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Since 2004 the villa has been transformed into a wonderful Agriturismo from Bottais Family, thanks to a careful restoration in strict compliance with the original style. Now Villa de ‘Fiori has become the home of all the tourists who want to relax and eat well, in an oasis of peace and rest in contact with nature. Staying at Villa de ‘Fiori is immersed in a world of calmness and comfort.


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